TQS vServe mobile

Interactive Supply Chain Management - Mobile Order Management Apps

Interactive Supply Chain Management - Mobile Order Management Apps

TQS™ vServe mobile apps - Interested in keeping your orders and shipments moving, maximizing profits, and doing it on the go?

TQS™ continues to advance its technological supply chain management software to achieve and enable - Enterprise Purchase Order Management Releases placed through the enterprise by their global resellers, distributors, stores or dealerships. Client specific purchase order visibility, status updates, inquiry communication, delivery receipt and reporting can be accessed in real-time via vServe running on iOS for iPhone.

This Innovative Real-time mobile application reports events throughout your clients supply chain and distribution channels. 3PLQS’ network connectivity handles the diversity of information and provides multi-platform updates.

Below is a list of functionality this app provides:

  • Login to your existing vServe account
  • Search for shipments by "Shipment#"
  • Search for orders by " Purchase Order#", "Dealership Order#"
  • Verify Items and Send Discrepancy message for shipment verification.
  • Send email inquiries on outstanding orders
  • Set alerts and receive push notifications
  • View shipments and orders delivery status
  • View shipments and ordered item details
  • Real-time visibility and reporting
  • Reduce the Amount of calls with the touch of a button
  • Access to all our available shipments 24/7 - from anywhere
  • Available for iPhone and Android Smart Phones

In this TQS™ uniquely created environment our information technology and network connectivity creates the 3PLQS Supply Chain Management System and fosters Total Quality processes. Providing vital communication to everyone involved, TQS™ vServe takes care of the details, displays the supply chain exceptions required to be ‘acted upon’ providing better time management and allowing focus to a locations’ business priorities and customer’s needs.

All Makes Express Program vServe mobile iphone and android app

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In order to login to TQS™ vServe Mobile, you will need to already have a dealer account setup with TQS Logistics. If you do not have a dealer account with us and are interested in learning more about how ThreePL Quality Systems can help you, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Interactive Supply Chain Management - Mobile Order Management Apps

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