TQS™ Fusion - Warehouse Management Software

Complete logistic software cloud-based solution from 3PLQS/TQS Technologies helps users manage and improve their warehouse environment

TQSTM Fusion software delivers the perfect online/mobile interface for warehouse administration and supply chain management. With this comprehensive software application, users can receive, tag, pick, pack and ship the products with ease and efficiency.

Adapting to the unique business requirements, TQSTM Fusion (WMS) helps streamline the order fulfillment and product replenishment needs into a single process, within a single online and mobile system.

TQS Fusion™ - Warehouse Management Solutions -

Available 24/7
Easy online accessibility and integration

No need for complex software and hardware installation, TQSTM Fusion is available online without additional investment on your end. Experience paperless warehouse environment.

High scalability
Suitable for one warehouse or multi warehouse environment
TQS™ Fusion offers a comprehensive, real-time inventory tracking system that is designed for time-sensitive, single or multi-customer warehousing environments.
TQS Fusion Mobile
Mobile Warehouse Management Software System

The system is designed to provide portable interfaces with other logistics systems. TQS™ Fusion Mobile integrates seamlessly with the TQS Fusion™ web portal.