Software Solutions by Industries

Industry Sector Overview

Every industry sector experiences its own unique supply chain and logistics management challenges and priorities. Let’s see how TQS Technologies can help you with your everyday logistics demands. Our team’s extensive experience will help you decide on the most appropriate solution and our logistics software solutions are customizable and scalable across different industries.

Find out more about our suite of specialized, feature-rich logistics software products proven to reduce costs and fulfillment times, increase efficiencies and significantly improve the customer experience for your supply chain and logistics operations.

Complete logistics solutions for Logistics businesses.

Your goal is to improve inventory accuracy and efficiency and keep the product moving.
We offer logistics services, like cross docking and reverse logistics in order to help you control your cost. Our TQS suite of software can help you with your inventory accuracy, real-time orders visibility and our TQS™ iRoute, user-friendly and cost effective tracking application, can help you with Pickup & Delivery Solution, Route Planning, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

Solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain

Complete logistics solutions for automotive aftermarket parts business - the perfect balance between inventory management and responsiveness.

In today’s automotive market, the main driving force is to lower the costs, balance inventory and expedite products to market. We understand the need to save our customers time and money wherever we can, by implementing and using the suite of TQS logistics software. We are committed to serving our customers and providing them with real-time information, creating a self serve supply chain support system. Our software enables users to administer to any supply chain service level disruption and communicate requests for corrective action.

Solutions for Automotive Supply Chain Management

Complete logistics solutions for Transportation business.

Your goal is to keep the product moving. Our TQS Supply Chain Tracking software, user-friendly and cost effective tracking applications, can help you with real-time orders visibility and your Pickup & Delivery Solution, Route Planning, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

Solutions for Transportation and Distribution Supply Chain Management