CF Dedicated Team overcome ‘outsourced inventory management challenge’ with TQS Fusion

Business Goals-Challenge:

  • Outsourced Inventory Management and Warehousing Space
  • Unique Requirement of Managing both Indoor Storage and Outdoor Storage
  • Achieve better visibility to the consolidation and physical movement of products within a warehouse.


TQS Fusion - Warehouse Management System

The implementation of its improved TQS™ Fusion Warehouse Management System (wms) in CF Dedicated Services (CF Group of Companies, Edmonton, Alberta) multiple warehouse locations, proved the effectiveness and adaptability of the TQS inventory management software. TQS Fusion delivered the perfect interface for barcode warehouse administration and inventory materials location management. With this comprehensive application, users were able to receive, tag, pick, pack and ship their products in a bar-coded environment with ease and efficiency.

These installations at CF Dedicated Services warehouses showed immediate return on investment by effectively managing their client’s inventory. When outsourced inventory management and warehousing space is a business requirement, Corporations can maximize their return on investment by stocking inventory at the appropriate times and levels. With the deployment of TQS Fusion solution, accurate visibility, accountability and reporting are achieved. CF Dedicated was enabled to provide excellent customer service to their client.

TQS Fusion fulfilled a unique requirement of managing both indoor storage and outdoor storage using mobile warehouse technology. This enabled CF Dedicated Services acting as the contract warehousing provider to, store, preserve and maintain inventory in secure outdoor laydown areas as well as provide indoor storage for weather sensitive materials within a single wms system.

The end result is a user-friendly and cost effective software solution that provides flawless user experience through web and mobile systems.


  • Immediate Rapid Return on Investment
  • Automated Warehouse Process
  • High scalability (suitable for one warehouse or multi warehouse environment)
  • Real Time Performance Monitoring
  • Easy Accessibility and Integration
  • Improve Inventory Tracking
  • Enhanced Visibility and Real-Time Tracking
  • Paperless Warehouse Environment
  • Mobile Capability


Solution: Warehouse Management System
Technology: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC Framework 4, Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5, Microsoft SQL Replication Service, Microsoft SQL Reporting Service