TQS™ Technologies is awarded contract with Velocity Express Canada Ltd (new addition to CF Group Of Companies) – yet another planned installation of TQS™ Fusion© - warehouse management software and TQS™ vServe© - interactive supply chain web and mobile management application.

Description: TQS ™ Technologies today announced the agreement to deploy the implementation of its TQS™ Fusion (Warehouse Management System - Inventory Control System) and TQS™ vServe – Interactive Supply Chain Management application at Velocity Express Canada Ltd.

Oakville, ON, November 5, 2013 – TQS Technologies, a total provider of supply chain software solutions (TQS Technologies Suite of Software Solutions), announced the new contract with Velocity Express Canada Ltd. (the latest addition to CF Group of Companies). Velocity Express established operations in Canada to provide supply chain management services for large petrochemical, utility and industrial corporations. Since then Velocity has expanded its operations to provide transportation/logistics services, inventory management, MRO purchasing and vendor management, cross dock and freight consolidation, vendor-managed inventory processes, off-site warehousing and tool crib management.

TQS Technologies will collaborate with Velocity Express to provide a software consulting services as well as install 3PLQS Inc.’s TQS™ Fusion© - warehouse management software and TQS™ vServe© - interactive supply chain web and mobile management application.

The implementation of its improved TQS™ Fusion Warehouse Management System (wms) in Velocity Express multiple warehouse locations, prove the effectiveness and adaptability of the TQS software. With this comprehensive application, users can receive, tag, pick, pack and ship their products in a bar-coded environment with ease and efficiency.

“The installation at Velocity Express warehouses is expected to show immediate return on investment by effectively managing their inventory. ," said Gene Su, CTO, Chief Technology Officer at TQS Technologies. "Our TQS Suite of Products offers the users of our supply chain management application a competitive solution to offer in their market place.

In addition to TQS ™Fusion©, TQS Technologies will implement TQS™ vServe© - supply chain web and mobile management application and will work closely with Velocity Express to integrate their existing software applications into a seamless network.

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