TQS Press


August 4, 2015
TQS Technologies Inc. continues their cooperation with Velocity Supply Chain Solutions (Velocity SCS) - yet another successful installation of TQS™ eStockroom - Supplies and Tools Inventory Control Software.


September 4, 2014
TQS Technologies announces launch of new TQS iRoute website www.tqsiroute.com that provides the complete tracking solutions for your business challenges in Pickup & Delivery, Route Planning, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

August 26, 2014
TQS Technologies will provide Thorsons Enclosed Vehicle Transportation with new software technologies (TQS iRoute VT and TQS vServe for iRoute) for their mobile onboard pickup and delivery vehicle scanning system.


November 5, 2013
TQS™ Technologies is awarded contract with Velocity Express Canada Ltd (new addition to CF Group Of Companies) – yet another planned installation of TQS™ Fusion© - warehouse management software and TQS™ vServe© - interactive supply chain web and mobile management application.

April 25, 2013
CF Dedicated Services and Honda Dealership Team has enhanced their routing, scheduling and delivery services with TQSTM iRoute mobile pickup and delivery software from TQS Technologies

January 29, 2013
TQS Technologies continues its joint business cooperation with CF Dedicated Services (CF Group Of Companies) – achieving another successful installation of TQS Fusion (Warehouse Management System).



November 1, 2012
TQS Technologies has new installation of TQS Fusion (Warehouse Management System) for CF Dedicated Services (CF Group Of Companies) in Edmonton, AB. Canada

June 5, 2012
TQS Technologies just launched new and improved real-time All Makes Express tracking web portal

April 19, 2012
TQS iRoute significantly enhances GM's ability to provide on-time trucking and delivery services to their dealers